Friday, October 6, 2017

                              I Felt You Die Today 


                                                  I felt you die today.
                              I felt your heart stop beating
                                And I saw the same thing 
                                  You saw in my eyes,       
                                     A broken soul,     
                                 I felt you die today.       
                           I felt hopelessness puncture 
                                        Your heart 
                               And I felt the demons 
                              Take control of a mind 
                                    That used to be 
                              So strong and brave,
                                I felt you die today. 
                     Your lungs collapsed and your chest    
                                Became so hollow full 
                                Of pain and suffering, 
                                 I felt you die today. 
                               I felt your spirit shatter 
                               And mine broke right 
                                  There with you, 
                               I felt you die today. 


                                                                         Chelsea Sumner 

Monday, March 20, 2017


This past school year I've been through
A lot of pain
Doctor’s start telling me
I was going through
This thing so called
Depression to me is
A side effect of dying
I started feeling like
I was drowning
The pain killers
Wasn’t helping at first
But old habits die hard
Until I’ve taken
One, two, three
Four too many
Triple dosing this time
Then tomorrow
Stomach pains
Pain killers help at first
This thing so called

                                                               -Chelsea Sumner

Monday, February 27, 2017

 A Queen Like Me 
 A Queen like me is
Stronger and Wiser
Than who I use to
The pain I endured
Made me
I Am a
Brown skinned
Black is beautiful
With short naturally
Curly hair
Like my sister
 Miss Lupita.
  I have the
 Golden touch
But my intelligence
Is even
A Queen like me isn’t
But my values are
Worth It.
 And my potentials are
A Queen like me learned
How to love myself
Because I am a
                                                                       -Chelsea Sumner